A Comprehensive Approach
to Learning CSS

eMbRace Your eXperTise

css drives the web.

Everywhere you look, CSS is there making your internet experience amazing.

Or grueling, when it's done poorly.

CSS is one of the core building blocks of modern web development, yet it is often misunderstood. It’s easy to settle with “knowing just a bit” of CSS.

The eternal advanced beginner, randomly tweaking values for hours. Hoping for the best while being mediocre.

FleXbox PosiTioning GRid UniTs coLors Media QuerIes SpecIficitY TypogRaphy PseUdo-elemenTs coMbinaToRs SelectoRs

CSS has a ton of syntax and vocabulary. Like any programming language, becoming literate means getting past these hurdles, out of the pit of learning despair, and on towards expertise.

line chart representing a learning curve showing that css can be easy to start with, but it tends to get harder and more complex as you dive into deeper topics

The Mozilla Developer Network docs are fantastic, and every web developer should be familiar with them, but they are documentation. Dry and factual.

Learning CSS doesn’t have to be a chore– it can be a lot of fun!

Getting good at CSS opens up so many practical and creative options for your projects.

When you get unstuck and move out of the advanced beginner phase a world of capabilities open up:

Rapid pRotoTyping creating more accessible websites enhanced user expeRience MoRe advanced capabilties More job opPortuniTies

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have a fun, engaging, real-world resource to help you get through the pit of learning despair as an advanced beginner and into your career as a web developer with CSS expertise?

CSS Destructured is that resource.

Stop struggling with the required conceptual understanding of what happens between your style sheet code and how it is presented to your users on the screen.

Finally learn what makes CSS a powerful programming language and the underlying mental models that you need to understand as a professional web developer using CSS.

Learn how to organize, structure, and name your CSS for large scale real-world projects.

And yes, you'll also learn how to center a div.

Most of all you’ll gain a rich understanding of CSS that will serve you in a very practical way for the rest of your career as a web developer.

Emma Bostian

My name is Emma Bostian, and I'm the author of De-Coding the Technical Interview Process.

I've been responsible for assessing the CSS skill level for job-seeking devs (many of whom, advanced beginners) and building complex UIs using CSS as a core tool.

CSS Destructured is a practical and fun approach to learning modern CSS that I know you’ll love.

Say goodbye to the advanced beginner stage, get through the pit of learning despair, and embrace the CSS expertise I know you can achieve.

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